It was a long training session this morning:
As many rounds as possible in 3 minutes:
5 overhead squats 45 lb bar
5 pushups (on my knees)
5 step ups (I was not feeling energetic enough to do box jumps)
then rest 2 minutes and repeat for 5 rounds

For the 5 rounds, I did 3 rounds each time so in total:
75 overhead squats
75 pushups
75 step ups
plus in a few rounds I did extra overhead squats giving me a total of 81 overhead squats
Unfortunately on the 4th round, I missed getting up properly from my squat and fell backward and let the bar come down right on my ankles!  That's gonna bruise and swell up (it is already).  I still finished and wasn't in significant pain but it's tender.  Just a new way to hurt myself at the gym!  In retrospect, I should have let go of the bar but mentally I have a tough time doing that even when I know I'm going to fail. 

I took a 5 minute break and then worked on my mountain bike strength training program:
Kettlebell halos (basically making a halo around your head while holding a kettlebell, I used a 26 lb KB and was surprised at how much this was a core exercise)
One arm kettlebell swings 20 lbs.
Handstand holds for 10 seconds
Chinups (still need a band)
Narrow squat
Bulgarian Split Squat 26 lb kettlebell (tough doing single leg squats!)
One-leg kneeling press 2x15 lb dumbbells

It was a LONG workout this morning but I feel great (despite the pain in my ankles) and ready to do some interval training on the bike trainer after work.

My ankles don't look too bad yet!  This is the bar that caused the pain!


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