Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Manmakers and Turkish Getups

I cheated on the WOD today, I thought it was 5 manmakers instead of the prescribed 8! No wonder it felt easy today:
Run 400M
5 manmakers 15 lb dumbbells
A manmaker is a push-up, row, row, squat clean, push press, lunge, lunge- takes forever!

Before the WOD, we did a warmup of walking kettlebell swings and turkish getups.  I used a 25 lb kettlebell and felt pretty good about my Turkish getups, so after the WOD was over, I tried the 35 lb kettlebell and was surprised how easy it felt to do the getup.  One video of me doing the getup on my left (weaker) side, slightly unsteady but pretty good!

I also worked on my mountain bike training program:
Turkish getups 35 lbs
Slamballs 20 lbs
Head bridge
close hand pushups
Hanging knee raises
Kettlebell sumo deadlifts 70 lbs
Dumbbell row 25 lbs

Today was a good workout day!


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