I did a VO2 max test in 2011 that determined that my lactate threshold occurred at a heart rate of 162 bpm and I was working at 88.9% of my VO2 max at this level on the bike.  Part of the mountain biking training program is to do three cardio workouts per week either on a bike trainer, Airdyne or rower.  The workouts consist of either max heart rate intervals or lactate capacity intervals.  Tonight, I did lactate capacity intervals on the bike trainer for 1:45 work and 1:15 rest periods.  The goal was to do 10 intervals as long as my heart rate went down to 135 bpm in the rest periods.  I managed to get all 10 intervals but saw my speed on the trainer go down from 14 mph to 12 mph to 11 mph per work interval grinding it out at a low RPM (big ring gear to mimic the feel of the trail).  This was hard, I'm not sure how long it's going to take to recover or if even doing 10 intervals was wise but I guess I will find out in a few days! 


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