Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday WOD Rowing/box jumps/Kettlebells

I took it easy today and only did the WOD. I'm saving the mountain bike training for tomorrow when I have more time.
the WOD:
Row 400M
25 box jumps (I used the big tire)
25 kettlebell swings 26 lbs
4 rounds
Time: 17:07

I normally use the 30 lb kettlebell or the 35 lb if I'm feeling strong but the 30lbs were already taken and I felt my lower back protesting when I tried swinging the 35 lb kettlebell. The 26 lb kettlebell worked out pretty well, I was able to finish the 25 reps fairly quickly and without any breaks.  Mike G. gave us extra work, after resting for 1 minute, we did 21 burpees. Yay Burpees!

The week is over and I scheduled a massage for after work, I'm really looking forward to it.  If she turns out to be a great massage therapist, I think I might incorporate this as a twice monthly treat for myself.  Hopefully she can make my back, shoulders and legs feel awesome.


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