Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday WOD: deadlifts

Thursday was a rest day for me, I was pretty sore for all the pushups (upper back) and squats (quads, hamstrings) on Wednesday.  The only activity I did do on Thursday was to use the foam roller to massage my legs and back. I felt much better and less sore after I used the foam roller.

The rest was worth it because I had a good amount of energy to finish the Friday WOD:
Row for calories
Deadlift 115 lbs
Kettlebell Swings 35 lbs
Time 16:28

Rowing for calories is tough for me since I don't have a strong pull, before we started Alan said that 1 pull = 1 calorie but by my 2nd round it was taking at least 2 pulls to get 1 calorie!  Deadlifting 115 lbs was doable but I did have to break up the reps and couldn't continuously lift, that's okay though, I'm glad I stuck with this weight, it was challenging and my back is a little sore but not hurt.  The only thing I noticed about the kettlebell swings was that my quads and thighs were still tired from the Wednesday workout.

Afterward, I did one circuit of the mountain biking training program:
Turkish getups 25 lb kettlebell- hard
Slamballs 20 lb ball

After work, I will do the rest of the circuit which includes bridges, pushups, knee raises, more deadlifts! and dumbbell rows. Plus a high intensity interval workout on the bike which should take about 9 minutes.


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