Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday: AMRAP WOD and a sore upper back

I am really not sure which exercise I did yesterday that caused this painful soreness in my upper back.  I don't think I've ever worked my upper back so much that the muscles started protesting but it finally happened.  I think it was the combo of the power snatches (45 reps @55 lbs) and the pullup holds at the top of the pullup.  I tried using the foam roller but I think this soreness is going to last a couple of days.  I still managed to survive the WOD:
As many rounds as possible in 17 minutes
Run 200M
10 pullups (band-assisted)
15 medicine ball cleans (14 lb ball)
I did 5 rounds + 10 med ball cleans, short by 5 cleans to make 6 rounds!

Afterward, I did an abbreviated MTB workout:
KB halos 30 lbs
one-arm KB swings 25 lbs
Split Bulgarian squats 30 lb KB
1/2 kneeling press 2x15 lb dumbbells

I am wiped out today! I think it has more to do with working hard yesterday but also eating really, really, really badly. Back to being good about my diet again!  Yesterday was an abomination as far as food goes- brownies, a bear claw, two slices of pie!, rice!, couscous! I went on a carb binge yesterday because I was out of the office and with friends.  It's okay once in a while but probably not so good so soon after the Krispy Kreme challenge where I demolished a dozen donuts for the sake of charity and co-workers.


Anonymous said...

t says it wasn't couscous but quinoa, so it's a "good" carb ;)

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