Thursday, February 28, 2013

Deadlift WOD and strict presses

Since I haven't been doing my indoor bike trainer workouts this week, I tried to make up for it by doing a WOD every day so far, and today was kind of hard but fast:
7 deadlifts 115 lbs
7 pull-ups band-assisted
7 burpees
7 rounds
Time 13:52

Afterward, I worked on my presses:
55 lbs 5 reps
65 lbs 3 reps
70 lbs 3 reps
So I did one more rep at 70 lbs compared to 2 weeks ago! All the overhead moves are going to be slow progress for me if this is any indication.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Manmakers and Turkish Getups

I cheated on the WOD today, I thought it was 5 manmakers instead of the prescribed 8! No wonder it felt easy today:
Run 400M
5 manmakers 15 lb dumbbells
A manmaker is a push-up, row, row, squat clean, push press, lunge, lunge- takes forever!

Before the WOD, we did a warmup of walking kettlebell swings and turkish getups.  I used a 25 lb kettlebell and felt pretty good about my Turkish getups, so after the WOD was over, I tried the 35 lb kettlebell and was surprised how easy it felt to do the getup.  One video of me doing the getup on my left (weaker) side, slightly unsteady but pretty good!

I also worked on my mountain bike training program:
Turkish getups 35 lbs
Slamballs 20 lbs
Head bridge
close hand pushups
Hanging knee raises
Kettlebell sumo deadlifts 70 lbs
Dumbbell row 25 lbs

Today was a good workout day!

Overhead squats 5-5-5-5-5-5 @75% 1 rep max
I did 45 lbs, 50, 55, and then 67 lbs in the last 3 sets.  I still could go deeper in my squat but I did go below parallel so it counts!  I was pretty happy that I could do 67 lbs for 5 reps.  That is progress for me.  Theoretically this means I should be able to do a 90 lb overhead squat for my 1 rep max but I have never tried this! I put it on my list for things to do in April - we will see if I am successful.

Then metcon
AMRAP 10 minutes:
Row 300M
30 double unders (more like 10 attempts and then 90 singles)
I did 3 rounds plus 300M row

Afterward, I worked on my deadlifts:
115 lbs x 5 reps warmup
125 lbs x 5 reps
140 lbs x 3 reps
160 lbs x 5 reps (two weeks ago I could only do 3 reps)

A little video of my last two overhead squats @ 67 lbs:

Monday, February 25, 2013

Run clean squat

Monday's WOD:
Run 200M
8 power cleans 75 lbs
8 front squats 75 lbs
5 rounds
Time 17:03

Not bad, the front squats are hard though. Apparently my form sucks, I tilt forward with my knees, don't use my butt and my pelvis isn't aligned properly.  Who knew it was so hard to do a squat!  I'm going to practice tonight with the tips Jason offered and video myself to see if I can improve since I'd like to be able to front squat heavier- it's the only way to get better on the cleans!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Umstead training ground

The weekend has been a mix of sloth and high activity.  Friday night saw a travesty in eating: Chili's mushroom swiss burger with fries and chips/guacamole.  I think I ate enough calories that MyFitnessPal came back and told me that if I ate like this every day (3054 calories), I'd be 144 lbs (I'm holding steady at 136 lbs right now)!  Fortunately, I don't eat at Chili's every day so one day of bad eating won't land me in a hole I can't get out of.  The burger was pretty damn good though and I don't regret eating it!

Saturday was rainy, rainy and cold.  I wasn't motivated to do anything but did finally end up at least doing my strength work:
Bench press
10 reps @45 lbs warmup
5 reps @65 lbs
3 reps @75 lbs
5 reps @85 lbs
I didn't do any accessory work but am still on track for the strength program.

Sunday was all about Umstead!  The weather was gorgeous but the trails were all muddy which meant I stayed on the bridle trails.  Still damp/wet but rideable and runnable.  I did a long, easy, easy run to remind my legs and feet what it was like to do 9 miles but at a very, very easy pace, monitoring my heart rate and keeping it below 145 bpm (staying in my base zone).  I had an average pace of 13:39 min/mile! Damn slow but recovery was excellent and allowed me to go on a bike ride after lunch.

I didn't track my heart rate during the bike ride, my only goal was to keep up (as best as I could) with John doing the Umstead loop.  I rode from home and ended up with 22.9 miles with an average pace of 10 mi/hr.  Not bad, my legs didn't hurt during the ride and climbing felt better today.   Now if I can translate that energy and speed on singletrack! 

I love Umstead, it's the perfect place to be on sunny Sunday. It really is the jewel of Raleigh.  Overall awesome day doing some recovery running and hill work for biking.  I hope I can keep up the momentum and be ready for the races in March and April.  And my definition of ready is really just finishing the races since at this point, I'm not going to be making any personal records in either the trail races or mountain biking races.  I still vacillate from wanting to do races and never wanting to do another race again.  I'll see how I feel again post-April after 2 trail races and 1 mountain bike race!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Pushing through a hard WOD

My motivation and general happiness has been low this week, I have been getting out and doing the WODs and biking because without it, I think my mood would be even worse and even harder to change for the better. So I like to make the excuse that today's WOD was long and hard for me because this whole week has been hard and all I can say is that I'm glad it's almost over:

Row 600M
21 lunges (total)
21 pullups (band assisted)
21 wall balls 14 lbs
21 hang power cleans 63 lbs
3 rounds
Time 31:05! I knew after the first round that I was going to go past 30 minutes for this WOD.  With the exception of the lunges, everything was a struggle.  I couldn't even get through 10 pullups without having to take a break. The power cleans were broken into sets of 8-5-5-3 but I didn't want to go lighter because the weight felt okay, just no energy. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Night ride at Lake Crabtree Park

Thursday turned out to be a fairly lazy day.  I couldn't get up in time to work out in the morning and after work, I contemplated going on the Crabtree mountain bike night ride or staying home and working out in the basement.  Since the weather is turning for the worse this weekend (rain, maybe snow), I decided I had to ride my bike since I might not get a chance again until next week!  So I packed my stuff up, found my night lights (NiteRider Lumina 500 USB Rechargeable Bike Light), put one on top of my helmet and the other on my handlebars (I like my night rides to be as a light as day!).  The one on top of my helmet was pretty heavy and kept tilting my helmet towards my forehead which was annoying but since I didn't spend much time setting it up, I got the quality I deserved.  I still could see though and did a very leisurely lap around Crabtree.  The only other annoying thing was that my hips/quads still hurt and I'm not sure why anymore. I don't know if my bike fit is still wrong or if I'm not riding enough but the aches need to go away.  In total, I did about 6 miles in 1 hour!  A slow ride but still a ride and it was a beautiful night, glad I got out there.  Also- first night ride of the season!  I should do more but that would require planning and being prepared.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday: Cardio Intensive and MTB Training

Today was a gasser:
AMRAP (as many rounds as possbile) in 20 minutes:
10 kettlebell swings 30 lbs
10 box jumps
10 ring dips (used the purple band to assist)

I did 13 rounds and was tired halfway through this WOD!  I got into a rhythm with the box jumps but eventually was feeling shaky so I ended doing the last 5 rounds just as step ups.  The ring dips were hard, the front of my shoulders were burning by the end.  Overall -tough due to the shortness of each round and the high intensity of the box jumps.

I rested for 5 minutes and then worked on my mountain bike training program:
Kettlebell halos 30 lb
One-arm Kettlebell swings 25 lbs
Handstands (I think I'm getting better at this but I still walk up the wall instead of kicking into position)
Pullups (band-assisted)
Close squats

I posted a video to show exactly what I do for these exercises:

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Strength training: squats!

I was not super motivated today but went on autopilot and made it to the gym to do my strength program:
Back squats
Warmup 45 lb bar x 10 reps
5 reps 75 lbs
3 reps 85 lbs
7 reps 95 lbs
Much better than 2 weeks ago when I stopped at 3 reps at 95 lbs!
Then my accessory work:
5x20 lunges 30 lb kettle bells
5x10 stiff leg deadlifts 115 lbs
90 Abmat sit-ups holding a 20 lb medicine ball
I worked up a good sweat doing this workout! Slowly but surely, I am getting stronger!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday: shoulders burning and egg muffins

The trail didn't seem that rough.
Bond Park in Cary- "rough trail"
Cheesy egg muffins with sweet potato and spinach
I did a short run/walk at Bond Park on Sunday and ended up having a dog following me, running the trail alongside and wondering when am I going to get my own trail dog and if I really want a trail dog or if I just think it sounds  cool.  I did not take a picture of this dog because he was just too excited and didn't want to stop running around and then he found another dog friend and left us.  That was the extent of my Sunday exercise!  It was a very lazy day.  I did work on my food for the week and made a new breakfast for myself: cheesy egg muffins, I modified the recipe to include 1 shredded sweet potato and 2 cups of chopped spinach and 12 eggs to make 12 muffins.  It was delicious! And a serious power breakfast- 1 muffin is 178 calories with 6 g carb, 12 g fat and 13 g of protein.  I just ate two for breakfast and am very happy with the results.

I was back to work on Monday though:
Run 400M in the freezing cold
10 sumo deadlift high pulls (I used a 35 lb kettlebell and worked on my form, initially I wasn't pulling my shoulder blades back like I should)
6 renegade rows (really 12 pushups/12 rows), I did the first two rounds with 20 lb dumbbells but then downgraded to 15 lb dumbbells - the way we did it was: do a pushup, row the right side, then do another pushup, row the left side- an ass-kicker!

Time: 22:22

Afterward, I worked on my Turkish Getups, getting 3 reps on each side with a 30 lb Kettlebell, despite my shoulders being smoked from the renegade rows. And I did a sequence of slamballs (20 lb), the rest of the mtb training will have to wait until after work is over today.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday basement workout

It was a cold, rainy, snowy Saturday so I worked out in the basement today.  I decided to do some overhead squats because I'm not strong at all in this move and it would really help me to improve my snatch if my overhead squats were more stable.  The only thing that sucked was that at 45 lbs, I can squat deep but you can tell from the video that I need to improve my squat depth when I go heavier.  I also did some barbell rows to work on my upper back and lats.  Then 36 minutes on the bike trainer, it was about all I could take today. 
The basement gym is coming along- I got bumper plates finally and it looks like even with ceiling tiles, I can get the bar overhead without hitting anything! Hopefully in the next couple of months, I can fix up the basement with some mats and perhaps a olympic lifting platform if I get my construction skills up to speed.

Basement WOD:
# sets x # of reps
Overhead squats
5x5 45 lbs
3x3-4 65 lbs (still hard for me)

Barbell row
6x6 65 lbs

15 dips broken out over the entire workout, no band assist

Indoor bike trainer
36 minutes in my base zone (all aerobic) average heart 135 bpm
10 mph and 6.1 miles

Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday: AMRAP WOD and a sore upper back

I am really not sure which exercise I did yesterday that caused this painful soreness in my upper back.  I don't think I've ever worked my upper back so much that the muscles started protesting but it finally happened.  I think it was the combo of the power snatches (45 reps @55 lbs) and the pullup holds at the top of the pullup.  I tried using the foam roller but I think this soreness is going to last a couple of days.  I still managed to survive the WOD:
As many rounds as possible in 17 minutes
Run 200M
10 pullups (band-assisted)
15 medicine ball cleans (14 lb ball)
I did 5 rounds + 10 med ball cleans, short by 5 cleans to make 6 rounds!

Afterward, I did an abbreviated MTB workout:
KB halos 30 lbs
one-arm KB swings 25 lbs
Split Bulgarian squats 30 lb KB
1/2 kneeling press 2x15 lb dumbbells

I am wiped out today! I think it has more to do with working hard yesterday but also eating really, really, really badly. Back to being good about my diet again!  Yesterday was an abomination as far as food goes- brownies, a bear claw, two slices of pie!, rice!, couscous! I went on a carb binge yesterday because I was out of the office and with friends.  It's okay once in a while but probably not so good so soon after the Krispy Kreme challenge where I demolished a dozen donuts for the sake of charity and co-workers.

I worked on my should presses today instead of the back squats prescribed at the gym since I modified my Tuesdays/Thursdays to be strength days.  Week 1 (last week) was back squats and bench presses and Week 2 is deadlifts (done) and presses.

Strict Presses
45 lbs x 8 reps warmup
55 lbs x 5 reps
65 lbs x 3 reps
70 lbs x 2 reps
I had initially tried 65 lbs as my starting weight but could only get 4 reps out so I backed off and started at 55 lbs.
Then a Mini-WOD
30 double unders (I did 90 singles)
15 power snatches 55 lbs
3 rounds
Time 8:54

I worked on pullups for a bit but it was tough, even for a deadhang pullup with a 1" wide band, I can only get 5 reps out.  So I did 5, then 3, then 2 and then did 30 second holds at the top of the pull up  four times to work on engaging my muscles for that last pull to get my chin above the bar.

I felt pretty good today and worked hard during the WOD:
Power cleans 75 lbs
Toes to Bar (hang on the bar, and pivot to get your toes to touch the bar)
Burpees (YAY!)
Time 20:49
My average heartrate during the WOD was 176 bpm with a max of 190 bpm (not sure why it doesn't show the 190 on the graph below though). I was working pretty hard during the entire workout but hardest during the power cleans.

I also did my mtb strength training:
Turkish get-ups - I did 2 reps with a 35 lb kettlebell!!!! It's amazing how much better I do if I get a little coaching (Jason).  I wasn't swiping my leg back correctly which made it hard to do the move correctly. Plus I kept my eyes focused on the kettlebell the entire time which helped stabilize myself.
Slamballs 20 lbs
Head bridge
close hand pushups
Hanging knee raises
Kettlebell sumo deadlift (70 lbs)
Dumbbell rows 25 lbs

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Strength training: Deadlift day

I did my 3rd day of the strength training program:
I first warmed up by pedaling for 8 minutes on the bike trainer.
85 lbs warmup set of 8 reps
125 lbs 5 reps
140 lbs 3 reps
160 lbs 3 reps (goal was 1+, I stopped at 3,  I felt like I could do one more but I have to be real careful with my back)
It felt good to do 3 reps at 160 lbs!  I remember just a couple of months ago, I tried to do 155 lbs and ended up hurting myself because my back wasn't ready for that kind of weight.  It's nice to know that I can do ~25 lbs above body weight on the deadlift again but I still got a ways to go.

Then the accessory work:
Front squats 65 lbs 4 sets of 10 reps
Good mornings 45 lb bar 5 sets of 10 reps
50 Weighted situps with my 18 lb medicine ball
20 Russian side twists with the 18 lb medicine ball (harder than I expected)

I did a VO2 max test in 2011 that determined that my lactate threshold occurred at a heart rate of 162 bpm and I was working at 88.9% of my VO2 max at this level on the bike.  Part of the mountain biking training program is to do three cardio workouts per week either on a bike trainer, Airdyne or rower.  The workouts consist of either max heart rate intervals or lactate capacity intervals.  Tonight, I did lactate capacity intervals on the bike trainer for 1:45 work and 1:15 rest periods.  The goal was to do 10 intervals as long as my heart rate went down to 135 bpm in the rest periods.  I managed to get all 10 intervals but saw my speed on the trainer go down from 14 mph to 12 mph to 11 mph per work interval grinding it out at a low RPM (big ring gear to mimic the feel of the trail).  This was hard, I'm not sure how long it's going to take to recover or if even doing 10 intervals was wise but I guess I will find out in a few days! 

It was a long training session this morning:
As many rounds as possible in 3 minutes:
5 overhead squats 45 lb bar
5 pushups (on my knees)
5 step ups (I was not feeling energetic enough to do box jumps)
then rest 2 minutes and repeat for 5 rounds

For the 5 rounds, I did 3 rounds each time so in total:
75 overhead squats
75 pushups
75 step ups
plus in a few rounds I did extra overhead squats giving me a total of 81 overhead squats
Unfortunately on the 4th round, I missed getting up properly from my squat and fell backward and let the bar come down right on my ankles!  That's gonna bruise and swell up (it is already).  I still finished and wasn't in significant pain but it's tender.  Just a new way to hurt myself at the gym!  In retrospect, I should have let go of the bar but mentally I have a tough time doing that even when I know I'm going to fail. 

I took a 5 minute break and then worked on my mountain bike strength training program:
Kettlebell halos (basically making a halo around your head while holding a kettlebell, I used a 26 lb KB and was surprised at how much this was a core exercise)
One arm kettlebell swings 20 lbs.
Handstand holds for 10 seconds
Chinups (still need a band)
Narrow squat
Bulgarian Split Squat 26 lb kettlebell (tough doing single leg squats!)
One-leg kneeling press 2x15 lb dumbbells

It was a LONG workout this morning but I feel great (despite the pain in my ankles) and ready to do some interval training on the bike trainer after work.

My ankles don't look too bad yet!  This is the bar that caused the pain!

Heartrate during the Krispy Kreme, very easy to see when I was chowing down
Saturday was a long day full of much activity but also times feeling like I was in a coma.
I started off the day doing the Krispy Kreme Challenge with a few co-workers and 7500 other people.  I signed up as a challenger this time so I planned to eat all 12 donuts and I succeeded! I still ate breakfast because I didn't want massive amounts of sugar to be the first thing my body saw that morning- so I had one chicken sausage and brocolli with my chai.  The race took me about an 1 hour and 18 minutes to finish so I didn't make the 1 hour cutoff but I was happy that I did it and I plan to never, ever do it again.  The run to Krispy Kreme had me doing 10 minute miles so I got there in ~25 minutes and then it took me 23 minutes to eat the entire dozen, I'm pretty sure I slowed down starting on Donut #8.  I could only eat one donut at a time and when I had 4 left, I tried doubling up but just felt sick trying to do that so I went back to singles.  My pace going back was more like 13 minute miles but I didn't throw up and my stomach wasn't upset.  I didn't even notice anyone around me throwing up which is a good thing because that probably would have made me involuntarily throw up!  The thrill is gone now.  A race such as this will not be attempted again.  It set me back 2400 calories minus the 500 calories I burned running so I was still in the hole for 2100 1900 calories.

I got back home, went into a food coma and napped for a bit.  Then I forced myself to get ready for a bike ride and ended up biking the bridle trails at Umstead for ~23.5 miles total, thereby burning another 1000 calories. At this point it was 3 pm and I still wasn't hungry.  At 4 pm, I decided I needed some real sustenance so I had a small bowl of my homemade chicken curry.  This carried me over and I ended the day doing a strength workout:
Bench press
45 lbs warmup
65 lbs x 5 reps
75 lbs x 3 reps
85 lbs x 3 reps
then my accessory exercises:
Dumbbell press 2x25 lbs 5 sets of 5 reps (I was aiming for 10 reps but it was too tough for me)
Dumbbell rows 25 lbs 5 sets of 10 each arm
My last meal post-workout was a whey protein shake with 2 cups of spinach mixed in.  Tomorrow will be a low, low carb day since I am replete with carbs today! I shouldn't need anymore for several days.  My stomach doesn't feel any worse for the wear but seriously- a dozen donuts is a bad idea!
Proof I finished all the donuts

Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday WOD: deadlifts

Thursday was a rest day for me, I was pretty sore for all the pushups (upper back) and squats (quads, hamstrings) on Wednesday.  The only activity I did do on Thursday was to use the foam roller to massage my legs and back. I felt much better and less sore after I used the foam roller.

The rest was worth it because I had a good amount of energy to finish the Friday WOD:
Row for calories
Deadlift 115 lbs
Kettlebell Swings 35 lbs
Time 16:28

Rowing for calories is tough for me since I don't have a strong pull, before we started Alan said that 1 pull = 1 calorie but by my 2nd round it was taking at least 2 pulls to get 1 calorie!  Deadlifting 115 lbs was doable but I did have to break up the reps and couldn't continuously lift, that's okay though, I'm glad I stuck with this weight, it was challenging and my back is a little sore but not hurt.  The only thing I noticed about the kettlebell swings was that my quads and thighs were still tired from the Wednesday workout.

Afterward, I did one circuit of the mountain biking training program:
Turkish getups 25 lb kettlebell- hard
Slamballs 20 lb ball

After work, I will do the rest of the circuit which includes bridges, pushups, knee raises, more deadlifts! and dumbbell rows. Plus a high intensity interval workout on the bike which should take about 9 minutes.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Hero WOD

This was a long WOD:
24 air squats
24 push-ups
24 walking lunges
Run 400M
6 rounds
Time 31:22!!!!
I wasn't even sure if I did 6 rounds, it was hard to keep count but I figure I wasn't that far behind everyone else.

This was not a favorite WOD, I would not mind never doing this WOD again.

I decided to make myself an actual strength improvement program (goals: get strong enough to Rx the Crossfit WODs and deadlift twice my weight), so on Tuesdays and Thursdays I'm going to focus on lifting weights and progressively lifting heavier in 6-week cycles.  I'm taking this from Wendler's modified 5-3-1 program so that I don't overtrain and wear myself out mountain biking , lifting, running and doing WODs.  Although I got this from a website called Testosterone Nation, I've found a lot of good information that is applicable to women too.
Today was Day 1 and I had to ease into it because I gave blood yesterday and was not feeling 100%:
5 reps@75 lbs
3 reps@85 lbs
2 reps@95 lbs (the last set is 1+, which means do as many as you can before failing, I did two good ones and stopped while I was still feeling good).
And on these back squats, I got all the way down near the ground.

Then accessory work:
Walking lunges 2x30 lb kettlebells 3 sets of 20 lunges (10 on each side)
Stiff-leg deadlifts 115 lbs  3 sets of 10
Abmat situps 50

Wendler recommends 5 sets of 10 but my legs were toast so I quit at 3 sets.

I can't wait to start tracking my progress!

I normally don't get enough sleep- the only way I know this for sure is because I'm usually feeling dead tired on Friday night and will go to bed at 10-11 pm and then sleep for 10 hours straight. So my goal is to get more sleep during the week and not have to try and recover over the weekend. I'd rather sleep 7-8 hours every night than sleep 5-6 during the week and 10 hrs on the weekend. So I went to bed at 10:15 on Sunday and then couldn't fall asleep until past 11:30!!! And to top it off I was wide awake at 4 am and just laid in bed until it was time to get up at 5:30 for the gym. I am not starting the week right but I will try again to go to bed early tonight.
I still did pretty good at the gym:
15 Thrusters (front squat to push press-55 lbs)
Run 400M
20 Thrusters
Run 600M
30 Thrusters
Run 800M
Time 16:20
Thrusters are pretty hard for me and I think I used the right amount of weight but one of my goals this year is to get strong, strong enough to do the WODs as prescribed (Rx!)!

Afterwards, I worked on Section 2 of my mountain bike training program:
Turkish get ups
Head bridge ( I hate this move, I'm not flexible enough)
Close hand push-ups
Hanging knee raise
Kettle bell sumo deadlifts
Dumbbell rows
I am much more motivated to do the MTb training program after seeing how good I felt on the trails yesterday!

I got a massage on Friday and pretty much did nothing more until Saturday afternoon when I helped set up signs around the Lake Crabtree trails for the Bushwhack Mountain Bike challenge that was on track for Sunday (basically you race a loop around Crabtree, then 18 miles of Umstead hills, then another loop around Crabtree, there are a few crazy people around here who will pay $25 to do this in order to see how fast (or slow) they are compared to other bikers). I wasn't interested in doing the race but was happy to volunteer and help them set up.  Of course, I wasn't expecting the temperatures to be in the 30s, but I manned up and put on 4 layers (base layer, Under Armour Coldgear Long Sleeve Crew, a jacket and a windbreaker) and stayed toasty.  With the Bushwhack crew, we did a very casual ride around Crabtree, stopping every so often to put up Turn/Straight Arrow sign for the race loop.  After we finished, I met up with a friend to do a lap of 286.  My legs were feeling it on the 286 trails, I felt like they were either sore or just weak because it seemed like every uphill was a challenge.  We ended up cutting the ride a little short because the sun set and we had no lights but I think overall I got about 17-18 miles on Saturday.

Sunday was even more fun because I finally did the harder trail across the street- Rocky Road, first time in 2013!  The weather was a little warmer than Saturday but still cold and in the 40s.  However, one hill into Rocky Road and I was hot.  Rocky Road only required 2 layers to stay warm and the ride was challenging and fun.  I am not sure if I just recovered from Saturday or if the mountain bike strength training program is working but I was able to climb better than I ever had on this trail.  Normally, the first two miles kick my ass, but today, it only kicked half my ass.   The best part of the ride was introducing someone new to Rocky Road (her impressions were the same as mine over 2 years ago: this is hard, this is scary, I'm ready to quit after 2 miles).  The second best part was getting to ride with Trina since we have talked about doing a girls ride of Rocky Road for over a year now and finally did it!  Our new friend did end up quitting the ride after 3 miles but I don't blame her, Rocky Road eats up virgins for lunch and requires a level of commitment that only comes with time, a little blood, some patience and hard work.  Oh yeah, there was one other great thing that happened on this ride, I was climbing a particularly tough hill and had an audience of 7 guys watching me from the top of the hill and I made it up the hill without dabbing and was rewarded with a few congratulations and signs of being impressed.  And normally I do not make it up this hill so I think the training is helping!  There is nothing better than clearing something in front of a bunch of guys knowing they respect you a little more now.   This is the third time this has happened to me, the first was when I cleared "the rooty hill" in Crabtree in front of bunch of guys on a Wednesday group ride (none who had cleared the rooty hill) and the second was on 286 when I cleared a little log hereafter known as "Swin's log" and again got impressed looks from several guys who saw me clear it.  Sometimes mountain biking is a huge ego boost, today was one of those days.

The least rocky section of Rocky Road but there is a steep climb coming up for my two friends!

I also decided to invest in a medicine ball for those times when I need to work out at home, however, medicine balls are not cheap (especially at 20 lbs) so I went to my friend Internet and found out how to make a wall ball for about $8 (tire patch kit and ice melt) and used an old basketball I've been toting around for the last 6 years.  I couldn't get to 20 lbs but did manage to make an 18 lb ball which should still work pretty good for weighted situps, throws and perhaps even slamball (going to see if this explodes the ball or not at some point). My first DIY sports equipment project  is a success!
An old water bottle turned out to be a great funnel and now I have my own medicine ball!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday WOD Rowing/box jumps/Kettlebells

I took it easy today and only did the WOD. I'm saving the mountain bike training for tomorrow when I have more time.
the WOD:
Row 400M
25 box jumps (I used the big tire)
25 kettlebell swings 26 lbs
4 rounds
Time: 17:07

I normally use the 30 lb kettlebell or the 35 lb if I'm feeling strong but the 30lbs were already taken and I felt my lower back protesting when I tried swinging the 35 lb kettlebell. The 26 lb kettlebell worked out pretty well, I was able to finish the 25 reps fairly quickly and without any breaks.  Mike G. gave us extra work, after resting for 1 minute, we did 21 burpees. Yay Burpees!

The week is over and I scheduled a massage for after work, I'm really looking forward to it.  If she turns out to be a great massage therapist, I think I might incorporate this as a twice monthly treat for myself.  Hopefully she can make my back, shoulders and legs feel awesome.