Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday WOD and monitoring my heart rate

My legs still felt pretty good this morning despite the front squats yesterday but this WOD was an ass-kicker:
Run 800M
Power clean 75 lbs
lateral jumps over a parallete bar (12")
Wall balls 14 lbs
Run 800M
This took me 26 minutes and some change

I wore my heart rate monitor today but set it incorrectly at first, so it was still alarming to remind me I was above my Zone 2 heart rate, I turned it off and missed the first 6 minutes of the WOD.  From the graph below, it was obvious that I was working hard during the power cleans and jumps and then came down a bit for the wall balls.  As the reps got lower during each round, the spikes up shortened as expected!  Overall, I averaged 158 bpm and had a max heart rate of 189 bpm during this WOD.

Heart rate during the WOD


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