Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday: running and indoor biking

I did something different this Sunday. I walked from my house to Umstead State park (1.2 miles) instead of driving.  I realized how silly and wasteful it was to drive my car (a Prius!) for five minutes in order to run a couple of miles.  Turns out that walking/jogging from my house to the park took about 15 minutes and very little effort.  Then I ran 4 miles on the Loblloly trail to Old Reedy Creek and back up to the Reedy Creek Lake Trail.  The trail was somewhat icy and muddy in spots so it was a slow jog.  Afterward I got a ride home from my friends with the promise of kale chips and tea!

I wish I was brave enough to run across the rocks!
Since the trails were so crappy, I decided that it wasn't worth trying to mountain bike in the afternoon. Instead, I spent 1 hour cycling on the indoor trainer, I managed to do this because I started reading a book! That really passes the time well when you have to maintain a relatively low heartrate (average 120 bpm, range was 116-127 bpm).

I like to think I've gotten a little scientific about this: I re-read my cardiovascular fitness report from July 2011 that explains how I personally burn carbs versus fat.  Although I've had this report for over a year and half, it never occurred to me that working at a high heart rate would mean I was just burning through my glycogen stores.  So, I decided that I am going to spend more time in the 109-124 bpm zone to preferentially burn more fat. This means more indoor cycling and slow running/walking for 4-5 hours a week during the 90-day challenge.  I still plan to do the high intensity Forged Fitness workouts for endurance and the weight training for strength but this will be the base to lose fat (as opposed to just losing muscle/fat or water weight).  Going by these calculations though, it will take 22 hours at 120 bpm of effort to lose 1 pound of fat (3500 calories)!  I think what I'm going to do is have my % body fat measured again halfway through this 90-day challenge and see how close the mathematical calculations match up to reality.

Heart rate (bpm)calories/mincalories from carbs/mincalories from fat/min

From the table above, if I reach 154 bpm while cycling, I only burn carbs and no more fat.  This would be okay if all I want to do is train to get faster but not so necessary if I want to lose some weight.  From my assessment, it says that if I was to do the same cardiovascular test running, my heart rate levels would be 8-10 beats higher per zone but I am not sure if I believe that.  In addition to re-testing my body fat, I think I will do the cardiovascular fitness test again but running this time and assess where I am.


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