Friday, January 25, 2013

01-25-13 Crossfit versus exercise

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It doesn't matter if you are already buff or just getting started, try Crossfit for 6 months and your perspective will change.  As more people start doing Crossfit and more Crossfit gyms open up, it starts to become a little more main stream.  But if you have never heard of Crossfit, check out this Huffington Post article. I think it sums up pretty much the way Crossfit workouts can change your perspective but one comment that was posted to the article really struck a chord with me:

On some level I don't think crossfit really changes who you are inside but acts like a catalyst for bringing out a dedication to something and change that you want in the first place. 

I didn't even know I wanted the change, but I did know I wanted to be stronger and well, more FITCrossfit did it in a way that keeps me coming back, with the motivation, the exercises, the people who show up for the 6 AM class with me- I love it all.  Crossfit workouts aren't going to magically make me the strongest person ever or the best at any one fitness endeavor (i.e. running, weight lifting, gynmastics) but it sure is fun trying.  I don't think I could go back to a regular gym with the same success I have had here.  


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