Thursday, January 24, 2013

01-24-13 Back Squats and MTB Training

I missed out on the back squats yesterday so I made up for it today:
Back Squats
8-6-3-3-2  @ 75-85-95-105-105 lbs
Still need to work on getting my ass to the ankles (more depth!). I did try to do a third rep at 105 lbs but couldn't get up! I had to let go of the bar behind my back and that was it.  Letting the bar go didn't hurt and I was surprised how easy it was to do that so it's good to know if I try to squat to failure. 

Afterward, I worked on my mountain bike strength training program with:
Split squats 35 lb kettlebell
Tall kneeling presses 2x20 lb dumbells

and lactate capacity intervals on the Airdyne bike:
3 intervals of 1:30 work/1:00 rest, I tried to maintain my heart rate at 158-162 bpm during the work period and then it got down to 125-130 bpm during the rest periods. 


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