I came back for another WOD, about 12 hours later from the previous one yesterday. I felt pretty good but my back is definitely sore from all those deadlifts!  Today was a struggle with double unders.  This time, I actually attempted the double under 25 times during the higher rep rounds and then the actual # of reps for the rounds with 20 and 10 reps and although it made me slower, at least I was practicing getting my double unders accomplished!

The WOD:
Double Unders
Push Press 33 lbs
Situps (using an Abmat)
Time 23:03

I didn't work on the back squats, and will have to save that for tomorrow but I did do my mountain bike strength training:
tall kneeling slamballs 30 lb ball (2x20 reps!)
bodyweight squats

After work, I plan to do the split squats and tall kneeling presses to finish the strength portion of the mountain bike training and then do lactic capacity intervals on my bike trainer. 


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