I did not get to the gym this morning so I ended up going to the 6:30 pm class- it was pretty lonely, I was the only one there.  I did get some pointers from the trainer (Alan) on how to do double unders and apparently I can do at least one double under but then I quit.  This is probably something I should practice every day if I ever want to string together a couple of double unders.

And then it was onto the WOD:
AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 20 minutes
10 deadlifts  115 lbs
10 weighted situps with a 20 lb dumbbell
10 kettlebell swings 35 lb
6 overhead squats 33 lb
I completed 8 rounds!
Not bad for doing it almost Rx (we only had 35 lb and 44 lb kettlebells, I thought it was wiser to stick with the 35 lb kettlebell).  My back is a little sore but I feel pretty good!  The deadlifts were the hardest part of this workout, the last three rounds, I had to break it into sets of 3 deadlifts in order to finish.

I didn't stay longer to work on my pistols (1 leg squats, super hard to do) but I have been thinking more about body weight conditioning.   This is the year I will do an actual dead hang pullup, a ring dip, and pistols, all unassisted!  Come back in December to see if I accomplish this (I promise video as evidence).


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