Monday, January 21, 2013

01-20-13 Run and Bike on Sunday

I had a very good Sunday- I finally went for a run after about 8 weeks off. Lisa and I did the Company mill trail at Umstead State Park and did about 5 miles in a little over 1 hour.  We thought it was going to be cold at 9 am but the sun came out and we warmed up pretty quick.  It was pretty great and I haven't had any back pain since the run which is a good sign.  I'm hoping I can continue to do one weekly run just to keep myself going in case I want to do another race.

After lunch, I went for a mountain bike ride at Lake Crabtree, we did all the loops and some of the log stacks, it was fun, not too strenuous but still a workout.  Counting my greenway miles to get to the trails and back, I did about 17 miles total.  This time I actually sweated (unlike yesterday).  I wanted to do a harder trail but with all the rain and snow, I knew the other trails nearby would be a mess so we stuck to Crabtree which was pleasantly dry and not mucky (good trail building). 

As for eating on Sunday, I carb'd up because I knew I was going to do a lot of aerobic activity:
Breakfast: chai with oatmeal and blueberries
Lunch: turkey slices with a salad and fresh mozzarella and a red bell pepper
Dinner: two slices of pizza from Lilly's! I'm counting this as my cheat meal. Plus hot chocolate with whipped cream for dessert (it was delicious)
And a cup of green tea (unsweetened) after dinner to relax.


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