Thursday, January 17, 2013

01-17-13 Thursday WOD and Deadlifts!

I started out doing Crossfit before I even knew it was Crossfit since I was pressed into trying out Forged Fitness by a friend (she quit after 3 weeks while I got hooked and am still here after more than 2 years).  I think there were two reasons why I got hooked: 1) I'm slightly masochistic and the workouts kick my ass 2) I loved the way the owner/my first trainer (Jason) interacted with me and inspired me.  Jason is a big reason why I am loyal to my gym and he just knows how to motivate me and keep me going.  I can't say enough about a guy who helped me get through a set of pushups and pullups in one of my first WODs. I still remember that and am grateful that I met him.  So I look forward to the mornings when he is teaching the class, because I know my form will be corrected and I will be pushed to go heavier and work harder. Today was one of those days:

100M Farmer's walk with 2x35 lb kettlebells
8 sledgehammers (each arm)
10 Goblet Squats (35 lb kettlebell)
6 rounds (it was 5 rounds but he changed it to 6 because we were going to be done in under 13 minutes)
Time: 15:26

The farmer's walk works your grip and swells up your forearms, it's intense if you go heavy.

After that, I worked on my deadlifts:
5 reps @115, 125, 135, 145 and 145 lbs.
This felt really good, no pain whatsoever in my back. In two weeks time, I plan to do the same 5x5 but with each set at 145 lbs.


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