I had a good time this morning at Forged Fitness:

Deadhang pullups 5 sets of 4 (used the 1" purple band and for one round I used the 0.5" wide green band which felt like it offered no support!)

then the WOD:
Row 300M
21 burpees (yay burpees!)
5 Turkish getups each side (15 lb kettlebell)
3 rounds
Time 18:33
then I worked on my MTB training program:
Kettlebell swings (35 lb)
Wall headstands
Bodyweight squats
Split squats (30 lb kettlebell)
Tall kneeling press (2x15 lb dumbbells)

If that wasn't enough, after work, I decided to do a long walk by returning my books to the library by foot! That was a 6.5 mile round trip from my house to the public library at a pace of ~3.2 mph.  My average heart rate was 109 bpm and it took about 2 hours total.  I used to walk a lot when I was in college, grad school and when I lived in Boston, not so much anymore. But I'm going to try and incorporate some walking/hiking into my routine at least once a week for a couple of reasons:

1. I read the Primal Blueprint and one tenet is Move Frequently at a Slow Pace (i.e. heart rate 50-75% of your max) and decided I agree because it will be a pure fat burner and will be my "active rest"

2. I'd rather walk 0-3 miles to my destination than drive my car, at some point I will bike distances less than 6 miles but this is the start to using my own power to get me places (the grocery store is 1.2 miles from my house, I should definitely walk there with a backpack, this might prevent me from getting a 12 pack of Diet coke also or at least I'll have to lug it all home if I do).

3.Walking is fun, you get to see things you never noticed before in your town and it's better than wasting my time on Facebook.

And the eating for today had it's ups and downs (I had a Krispy Kreme donut which I did not photo document) but here are some of the best foods for today:

Ground beef with spinach and carrots with raw green beans and 1 red bell peper. This was pretty tasty.

Snack of the day: Kale chips! 

Dinner: 1 Wild Alaskan Salmon Burger (Costco) and organic brocolli with hot chili sauce, baked in my toaster oven. Easy to prepare and super healthy.


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