Keeping my weight in check has been a struggle lately, although we are talking a 10 lb struggle here, not an obesity issue.  Here is a photo history of what I've looked like since 2009 (please don't ask me to go back further), unlike other women, I get my fat accumulation around my stomach before it goes to my hips and ass.  Which means I'm more aware of the extra pounds fairly quickly because it's right there in front of me!

August 2009- some would say "solid!"
August 2010 (pre-Forged Fitness)

July 2011- best shape so far!

May 2012

Jan 2013! Tight shirts are not our friend.

Trying to show off my guns, let's see if there is any difference in 90 days!
I have had my body fat measured four times now by Chris Eschbach and it's been both great and disheartening (see graph below).  I first got it measured after my first two months of Crossfit at Forged Fitness and was just getting into strength training and high intensity workouts.  From January 2011 to July 2011, I was on an exercise high, I was running, mountain biking and doing Crossfit 4-5 times a week.  And the results by July showed tons and tons of progress. I lost close to 8 lbs of body fat by July 2011 and felt great.  My weight fluctuated a couple of pounds (all up!) until I herniated my disc in March 2012.  After that, it was pretty much downhill for me, both in terms of diet and exercise. I had to back way off and continued to eat like a high endurance athlete even though my intensity, volume and weights were back to pre-2012 levels.   I thought training for the marathon would get me back on track but instead, I gained more weight! And it was not muscle, it was definitely fat because I was eating more carbs (if you run 20 miles, don't you deserve a Mellow Mushroom calzone?) and justifying chocolate milkshakes left and right!  This doesn't happen to everyone but it happened to me.  My diet is more on track now (no Mellow Mushroom in over a month!, no chocolate milk in over 2 months) but still needs work.  I think it also didn't help that while my kitchen was being renovated, I ate at Panera frequently and scones and souffles are not the best foods to eat on a daily basis.  Now that I have a kitchen again, I'm cooking more at home and controlling what goes into my mouth. 
So where do I go now?  The reason I got my body fat measured yesterday was because I'm going to pony up the $75 for the Body Fat challenge at Forged Fitnesss.  Here are the things I plan to do to succeed in losing 25% of my body fat (8.5 lbs of fat!) in 90 days:
  1. Log all my food/cardio on MyFitnessPal
  2. Do at least 3 Forged Fitness workouts/week 
  3. Weekly strength training (squats/deadlifts/presses/upright rows/cleans/snatches)
  4. Ultimate MTB Training program (more strength and agility for mountain biking) - although this is a 24-week program and mainly so I can get faster on the bike
  5. Run once a week either at Umstead or on the track
  6. Limit my carbohydrate intake to < 150 grams/day, this would have been hard for me to do without MyFitnessPal to help me.
  7. Mountain bike 2-3X/week and 3-5X/week when the days get longer and warmer.
  8. Hike or walk at least 5 miles a week.
  9. Do a weigh-in once a week at least. I'd like to also take my measurements (waist, legs, arms) but I know I'm too lazy to be consistent with that.
Tracking body weight and % body fat- it would be awesome if I could get to < 20%!


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