I had high ambitions for Sunday- I was going to ride by myself in the morning and do Rocky Road (rocky singletrack!) and then have lunch and ride again with some friends. Well, I got out and started off on Rocky Road only to find that the ground was so wet and slick that my tires accumulated so much dirt and clay, I had no traction. I turned back and left Rocky Road for another drier day.  After lunch though, it was in the 70s and we were ready to do 286 (more flowy singletrack).  The ride was great, I can't believe we actually got such warm weather in January but everyone was taking advantage of it at Umstead State Park. In total I did about 22 miles from house to singletrack and back home with a pit stop at BurgerFi where I laid waste to all my good nutrition this past week with a double cheeseburger, onion rings and half of a red velvet cupcake.  Was it worth it? Yes, it was delicious, I just know I can't do it every week. I did a new log at 286 and it wasn't as bad as I perceived, so now I'll have to do it every time:


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