Wednesday, January 9, 2013

01-09-13 Run, Clean and MTB Training

Amazingly enough, I got up this morning without the alarm clock- a good sign that I'm getting enough sleep.  It was a tough workout today:
Run 800M (cold but not too bad)
28 kettlebell swings 30 lbs
28 pull ups (purple band)
28 clean and jerks (68 lbs)
28 pull ups (purple band)
Run 800M
Time 23:30
The pull ups got me, even with the band, it was a struggle to finish them and I ended up ripping the skin around my left thumb but that is the price you pay for high rep pull ups! 

Afterward, I worked on my mountain bike strength training with:
kettlebell swings
inverted rows
headstands (had to hold for 10 sec.)
air squats
kneeling shoulder press with 2x15 dumbbells (I was on my knees, with my butt on my legs and then forced myself up to stand on my knees while I pressed the weight up- hard!)
split squats with a 30 lb kettlebell


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