It's been lonely in the gym this week, I think everyone is either on vacation or just blowing off their New Year's resolutions even earlier:
Warmup: 500M row

AMRAP 5 minutes:
20 double unders (I attempted 5 then did 60 singles)
5 deadhang pullups (with a purple band)
3 rounds done

rest 3 minutes
20 V-ups (great for your core and great for realizing your core is not strong!)
5 thrusters 75 lbs
3 rounds done plus 10 V-ups

rest 3 minutes
20 air squats
5 ring dips (purple band assist)
5 rounds plus 10 air squats

I think my legs are going to be sore, 110 squats was a lot even if it was just bodyweight.

Afterward, I attempted some more double unders and jump roped for 2 minutes.


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