The weekend started out on Friday night with indoor rock climbing at TRC.  I did 4 climbs of 5.8, 5.9-, 5.8, and another 5.9.  That wore me out and now my forearms are sore two days later.  The funny thing about climbing is I don't feel like I'm exerting myself much until I'm halfway up the climb and then have to make an effort to get up higher- then I start sweating and feeling like I'm working.  I really need to get belay certified again if I want to do more of this.

Saturday- it was super cold in the morning so I waited until 2 pm to get out mountain biking.  From my house to the 286 trails and back.  They put in more trail that was still "primitive" so there was much slogging through it (the singletrack was sticky/muddy/really bumpy).  Still it brings more mileage to the overall trail although my gps still thinks I'm only getting 12 miles out there! I think it's more like 14 miles but I'll have to get the bike computer back on and confirm.  Overall from the greenway to the trails and back, I did 16 miles.  And it wiped me out!

Sunday- an easy day of walking 2 miles of the Company Mill trail at Umstead State Park!  I was not prepared for more than that.  Still I need some rest days, right? 


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