I was not feeling energetic this morning and didn't really do as much or as well as I wanted to:
Find your 1 rep max (RM) overhead squat:
I did 5 reps at 33 lbs, then 4 reps at 55 lbs then:
3 reps x 3 sets at 63 lbs just to work on my stability. I'm pretty sure I could go higher but my balance sucks and my confidence is low on the overhead squat. I still think the bar is going to fall on top of my head even though I know it's completely illogical.

Then we did a mini-WOD
10 handstand pushups (no kipping), I managed to get up on the wall but my body was more like a lean-to against the wall instead of straight handstand.
15 box jumps (tire)
20 wall balls (14 lbs)
3 rounds
8:09 time

It felt weird trying to do a box jump after being upside down, I had to give myself a few seconds before jumping.  I'd love to say that I'm going to practice the handstand pushup at home everyday to get better but that kind of resolution never seems to pan out!


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