It feels like forever since I've been at Forged Fitness and the first day back was tough:
Mini-strength workout:
3x4 reps squat cleans (33, 55, 63 lbs), I gave my best effort to work on my form and speed through the middle, this actually felt hard today after not holding a bar in my hand for over a week.

The WOD:
10 bent over rows 63 lbs
10 stiff-leg deadlifts 63 lbs
10 goblet split squats each leg (35 lb dumbbell)
10 floor presses 63 lbs
Row 300M
5 rounds
My time: 23:15

The hardest thing was the split squats! I even used a lighter weight but holding that 35 lb dumbbell and trying to do a split squat 10 times on each leg was pretty tough. 


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