Tuesday, December 4, 2012


The weather was too gorgeous to not bike so I tried out the singlespeed this past weekend and today.  The singlespeed is my new mountain bike that only runs one gear- right now 32x18.  Felt pretty good but way more work than I expected! I had to stand for most of the climbing but it turned out to be a good workout. That was 3 days of ~10 miles at Lake Crabtree (the easiest place to take your singlespeed mountain bike).  Best things heard about this singlespeed:
The guys at the bike store said I had a "cool bike".
A guy passed me biking and said "You're a tough girl, riding singlespeed!".
Yeah, I think I could get used to some singlespeeding. I promised the Blur I would not forget her though since I still need that full suspension on harder trails.  The singlespeed really works my quads though and makes Lake Crabtree more interesting to ride now. It needs a few upgrades but that will have to wait till next year.


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