Sunday, December 23, 2012

Biking and more biking in cold weather

I got my full suspension bike back earlier this week with the forks serviced and feeling brand new.  I'm beginning to realize that upkeeping this bike is going to be a little bit over the original budget I set for myself!  Servicing both the rear and front fork is not cheap, especially when it's a 6" travel fork that has all sorts of bells and whistles.  Still, it felt so much easier to ride this bike than the singlespeed.  I got to ride the past 3 days:

Friday: 286 trails and the greenway for 16 miles. It was a cold, windy ride but surprisingly I stayed warm and had to peel one layer off. 

Saturday: Old reliable Crabtree for 13 miles, I actually started to feel worn out trying to push myself to go faster even though my times were not that much different than what I did on the singlespeed the week before. It was another cold ride!

Sunday: New Light! My first time out on New Light ever and it was great even though it kicked my ass.  Luckily it was not a hammerfest, we took our time, took some breaks and finished with 9.5 miles of intermediate level singletrack.  I did some of the rock gardens (not the Gauntlet) and some of the logstacks and had no crashes (always good).  My legs were feeling pretty tired towards the end so I was ready for it to be over but I will definitely be coming back here. It was a great trail.  Next time there will be pictures!

From the last three days of riding, I have learned that when the temperature is between 40-45°degC I need to wear a long sleeve base layer, a jersey over that and then my windbreaker jacket (Pearl Izumi SELECT Barrier Convertible Jacket - Women's) along with a skull cap underneath my helmet, fleecy mountain bike gloves and long pants or leggings over my shorts.  I always start off with one more layer beyond this and have to take it off after a mile or so of hard riding but I prefer that over starting off uncomfortably cold. 


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