Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12/12/12 Wednesday WOD: smoked shoulders

I am not sore from yesterday's workout which makes me think I could have gone a little heavier in the weight!  But maybe it's a good thing to not be so worn out by a single WOD. Today, however, our shoulders were worked over:
The warmup consisted of a 200M row with 1 minute rest in between, 3 times.  I did my best to make a long stroke (getting my avg to be 22 strokes per minute) on the rower to improve my efficiency.  The WOD was all about the shoulders with a little running thrown in:
Run 400M
21 wall balls 14 lbs
12 shoulder presses 45 lbs
4 rounds
My time 19:41.
I had to break down the presses in sets of 5-3 after the first round in order to get them done, I wanted to go with a lighter bar (33 lbs) but Jason was there today and told me to stick with the 45 lb bar!


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