Friday, December 28, 2012

12-28-12 Hotel WOD

Yesterday was a rest day even though it consisted of lots of driving and much eating!
I made up my own WOD at the hotel today:
1 mile run 10:55
3x10 1 leg deadlifts with a 25 lb dumbbell
6x10 straight leg pushups (aka real pushups chest to floor)
3x20 walking lunges 2x25 dumbbells
The 1 leg deadlifts are hard since my balance sucks but I think that's an indication I need to work on my stability and range of motion.
I also had the opportunity to help my mom train today and she did:
30 min on the elliptical
3x10 dumbbell bench press 15 lb dumbbells
3x10 tricep overhead 20 lb dumbbell
3x6 bicep curls 15 lb dumbbell ( she moved up in weight from 10 lbs!)
3x10 air squats


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