Wednesday, December 26, 2012

12-26-12 at home WOD squats burpees situps

Christmas day was a rest day for me, so nothing to report except for a little gluttony.
Today I made up my own workout since I'm at my parents house:
3x15 reps tricep kickback 10 lb dumbbells
3x10 1-arm dumbbell overhead squat with a 10-lb dumbbell , 3 sets for each side

Then a simple metcon:
150 burpees time 16:25
150 Abmat situps time 8:09
The burpees were tough, I almost convinced myself to quit at 50 and then at 100 but I didn't really want to give up so I pushed through.

It's snowing out and it's making me feel like eating lots of comfort food and seeking out some chocolate but luckily there is none in the house and I don't feel like cleaning my car or the driveway to go get some!


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