Monday, December 24, 2012

12-24-12 Christmas Eve WOD @ Noon

I forgot to set my alarm clock this morning and missed the morning WOD but lucky for me, Forged Fitness was generous enough to offer a noon class today which I made. It was a big class with 12 other people (and 1 other woman!).  All the usual strong people were there today but I did manage to finish in the middle of the pack so it was respectable.  The WOD we did was easier than the WOD Mike G gave the morning class so maybe I should be grateful to have slept in!
Our warmup consisted of doing a wheelbarrow, first I walked and then switched with the other woman to be the wheelbarrow and go across the gym and back.  It didn't start off so well because one guy who was getting in the wheelbarrow position kicked his foot up right into his partner's chin! I know it's mean but it was both funny and sad at the same time.  Luckily the guy was okay and suffered no permanent damage and didn't get any of his teeth knocked out.  Needless to say, I was cautious picking up Katie's foot for the wheelbarrow race!

And the WOD:
My legs felt tired from all the biking but seemed to do okay with 63 lb front squats:
Run 400M
10 front squats 63 lbs
10 bent over rows 63 lbs
5 rounds
My time 15:22

Afterward, I did 3x10 sumo deadlifts with a 53 lb kettlebell after being inspired by 
That is 8 straight days of working out so I think tomorrow will be a rest day unless I can motivate myself to go for an early morning bike ride!


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