Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday WOD 11/28/12 Squat Cleans!!!!

This morning's WOD had cleans in it and I wasn't sure how my legs were but it turns out that I didn't push it hard at all last night to affect the workout this morning. On one hand, that's a good thing because the WOD wasn't painful but on the other hand that means that even though I thought I was making an effort last night, I really should have upped the weights!

In any case, this is what I did at 6 AM this morning (after dynamic stretching and warming up):
50 Double Unders (or in my case 7 attempts and then 140 singles)
Full Squat cleans [25-20-15-10]  @ 63 lbs
Run 200M
4 rounds

So in the first round it was 25 squat cleans, then in the second round 20 cleans and so forth.  At 63 lbs, I can power clean this but making the effort to go all the way down and squat with the weight and then get back up is hard. And I had to break it up into sets of 5 to finish. I'm supposed to practice the snatch tonight, we'll see if the DOMS has set in by then.


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