One big post about what I've done over the weekend:
Rest day last Thursday 11/8.

Friday 11/9: WOD
5 power cleans 75 lbs
5 front squats 75 lbs
5 pull ups (purple band assisted)
5 push ups
5 rounds
Time: 9:29
The power cleans and squats was supposed to be done at 90% body weight but I'm no where near that for a clean, much less a front squat! I still need to get comfortable with getting my ass to grass on the squats!  I think once I do this consistently, all the lifts will get easier for me and will help me progress in weight.

On Friday night, we had a little fun climbing at Triangle Rock Club.  I did two 5.7s and two 5.8s and attempted a 5.9 (couldn't get past the first overhang though!), I think my forearms were done.

Saturday 11/10: MTB
Mountain bike ride @ Rocky Road. Awesome ride, awesome weather, awesome biking friends.  Rocky road continues to kick my ass but at least now it's more of an ass-kicking because of the anaerobic exertion and not because I'm getting beat up falling on rocks or endo'ing.

Sunday 11/11: RUN Raleigh Fall Fest 10K
This 10K is the same course as the Old Reliable Run that I did back in 2010 so I wanted to see how I've progressed since then (if any).  Plus for a 10K, it was only $25 which I thought was pretty reasonable until I got the shitty shirt (men's large because they ran out of medium and did not both to get both male/female fits).  Still the run was great!  So I don't regret doing it, I just wish the organizers (who were the same organizers for the Old Reliable) had stuck to their kickass tech shirts and the ambience I felt back in 2010. Anyway, it could have been a number of things.  The run was in downtown Raleigh, starting at Nash square and running up through Hillsborough street past NCSU and then a small loop through one of the old Raleigh neighborhoods and then back to Hillsborough.  I wore my heartrate monitor and averaged 178 bpm and maxed out at 193 bpm! I was working pretty hard on this run and kept telling myself it's okay to feel just a tiny bit uncomfortable. My calves were behaving even though I felt some muscle soreness, I tried really hard to make sure I ran on the balls of my feet and landed whole foot down with my heel kissing the ground.  For awhile Lisa was behind me but then she passed me and I just ran behind her ~5 feet. Around 5 miles, I decided to pull ahead and pushed on.  I ended up finishing in 58 minutes and 44 seconds and averaging a 9:28 pace! Let's look at 2010 and 2012:


YearChip TimePace (min/mile)

Still looking fresh after our 10K

Still needs lots of water post-10K
For some reason, I didn't recall that I did a 9:46 pace back in 2010, I thought I had done a 10:00 min/mile pace. Still I shaved of 18 seconds from my 10K pace.  I think I can do much, much better.  So despite the aches and pains I'm getting in my calves and my lower back (24 hours later), I want to keep running and running more efficiently and faster.  It's going to be uncomfortable.


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