Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Donate blood, go mountain biking

I gave blood on Thursday night at the local Red Cross and felt pretty good about it even though it took over an hour to finish.  It did not help me with mountain biking on Saturday though.  We biked the 286 trail and had fun but I was struggling the whole time. My legs felt like jelly and even small hills sucked my energy up.  It was a long 2 hours and 10 minutes for 13 miles!  After that, there was much rest and much eating the rest of the weekend.  And when Monday rolled by,  I didn't feel like going to the gym and I still didn't feel like going to the gym on Tuesday but I did go mountain biking again!  This time it was out at San Lee park on the toughest trails in the Triangle area.  My legs still felt "tired" so we didn't go fast but I did try many of the trail features.  Jim got some good video which I will hopefully be able to post soon.  I was pretty thrilled with the new things I could handle (rocky sections, logs, berms).  Now I just need to get my aerobic conditioning up to my new skill levels! 


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