Wednesday, November 7, 2012

11/07/12 Wednesday WOD and some running

I got more accomplished today than I expected, fitting in a morning workout and a good strong run after work. 
The WOD was simple but slightly painful:
Power cleans 67 lbs
Lateral jumps over a parallette bar (~8-10" high)
Time: 12:31
That is a total of 84 reps, I really would have liked to have done it at 75 lbs but it was just too many reps for a heavy weight (for me).  Even with my time, I finished dead last and could distinctly feel my lack of endurance. A workout like this pre-back issues would have challenging but doable. By the third round I was resting every few seconds and having to break down the power cleans into sets of 3 to get them done.  I don't like this feeling, I much preferred it when I could just power through a workout without much pausing.  Which means I haven't done enough or maybe haven't done the right things to get back to where I was physically. 

This feeling continued when I went running after work.  It's gotten cold here, it's gotten darker way to early and that has gotten me de-motivated to run.  In order to get motivated, I signed up for a social run at Inside Out Sports.  I met up with a group of people (never met them before but found out one lady lives in the apartment complex I used to live in) and we were off doing the Turkey Trot 8K route around Cary.  Of the 9 people there, I was definitely the slowest by at least 30 seconds-1 min/mile.  They were kind enough to not ditch me and I made it the whole way without too many issues. I was breathing hard, my rate of perceived exertion was 7/10 and my calves were hurting (not running fast for so long had made them weak again).  I finished 5.3 miles in 55 minutes, according to Strava I did a 10:18 pace. A 10:00 pace on the road used to be easy for me and now I was huffing and puffing and slower than the old guy in a knee brace!  I have much to do and much to learn.  And the lesson tonight was I have to keep running with people who are faster than me so I get motivated and pushed to go faster.  After the run, I treated myself to a strawberry/banana/whey smooth and had my homemade beef stew for dinner.  Let's hope I can get up tomorrow without any issues.


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