I was too sore last week to sit down and write about what made me sore.  The Wednesday workout left me sore in my quads and hamstrings and Friday's workout didn't help much either:
5 Power Cleans 90% bwt (I did much less @ 75 lbs)
5 Front Squats 90% bwt (much less @75 lbs)
5 Pull Ups
5 Push Ups
5 Rounds

It was a good workout and a quick workout. 

On Saturday, the weather warmed up to a balmy 59 degrees so we went mountain biking on the local favorite trails.  It was good ride but I have no aerobic capacity anymore. It was 13 miles at a 6.3 mph pace (counting rest breaks/stopping).  I did clean one technical section that I hadn't been able to before and did the big rock pile so I was happy.  Happy but tired. 


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