Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wednesday WOD 10/10/12

I did my last workout on the Wednesday before the marathon at Forged Fitness:Run 800M
15 Back Squats 75 lbs
20 Plyo Push Ups (put a slamball in front of you and do a pushup, then explode off the ball to do the next pushup on the other side)
Run 400M
15 Back Squats
20 Plyo Push Ups
run 400
15 Back Squats
20 Plyo Push Ups
Run 800M
It was a good thing running was in this WOD because I was done running until the marathon!  I just decided to load up on carbs (every meal had some bread or rice or pasta in it from Wednesday to Friday) and let my legs recover from the squats (I was still sore on Friday before race day). I went for one last physical therapy session on Friday also to ensure that I was as ready as I'll ever be for a marathon, ensuring that my back was in optimal health also.


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