It gets harder to get up as the weather gets colder.  But I did and this is what I accomplished before 7 am:
AMRAP 20 minutes
10 push press 67 lbs
15 sec L-sit hold on parallette bars
20 weighted lunges 2x25 lb dumbbells

I did 7 rounds and quit with 1 minute left on the clock because my arms felt like they were going to fall off.  I wanted to do 20 lb dumbbells for the lunges but there were none left! This time we had a big class: 3 guys and 5 women (including me).  I was proud of myself because I went heavy this time on the push press, the Rx was 75 lbs but going up to 67 lbs was a big step for me. For some reason I was thinking, well in Fight Gone Bad, I did 55 lbs and I did 20 reps in 1 minute so here I can do 67 lbs at 10 reps per round with no problems.  I didn't calculate that I would be doing more than twice the number of rounds as FGB at a heavier weight!  Well, there were no significant problems but that weight got pretty heavy by the 5th round when I had to start breaking up the reps into two parts, first doing 6 reps, putting the weight down and then trying to punch out the last 4 reps. Worked pretty well but left me with some very tired arms and hands.

The L-sit holds (hands gripping a bar on each side and raising yourself up (straight arms) and putting your legs in an "L" position was way too hard form, I managed 1-2 seconds and then had to bring my knees to my chest to be able to hold the position.  Any kind of gymnastics move is difficult for me and a continuing challenge.

The weighted lunges weren't too bad with the heavier weight but my right arm started to hurt towards the end.  All in all, I'm glad I went heavier even if my # of rounds was less than everyone elses! 


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