Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thursday and Friday WODs

I did not get to bike on Wednesday due to rain and lack of time after work. But Thursday, I got up early enough to make the 6AM class and did this:
Split Jerks
Row 5 minutes for calories

On the split jerks, I started off with 45 lbs just to warm up and then increased each set:
45-67-75-80-85-90-90 lbs
I think I could have done 95 lbs, maybe even 100 but am still scared of hurting my back and messing myself up before the marathon so I was conservative!  Plus I need to work on my explosiveness when I execute the move.  It was fun though!
On the row for calories, I did 64 calories in 5 minutes, the guys got up in the 90-100s! I'm jealous, my power output on the rower is still pretty weak but better than last year.

On Friday, I did another Forged Fitness AM workout:
Run 400
12 Body Weight Deadlifts (I only did 75 lbs since deadlifts have been hurting my back for the last month)
12 push ups
4 rounds
Time: 12:22

I am glad to say the deadlifts did not hurt this time.  Overall a pretty easy workout with the light weight but still made me sweat!


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