This past Sunday's run was hard and we only did 12 miles!  It was all single track though: Company Mill and Sycamore trail at Umstead State Park.  I thought I was feeling pretty good but my left heel still hurts a little from hitting a root hard last week and it hurt again every time I hit a rock or root the wrong way.  It was a slow run, averaging 13:30 pace.  The goal was 15 miles but when we got back to the parking lot, no one was interested in going further! I think we were all done. I really can't wait for the marathon to be over now, this training has been hard. I am looking forward to tapering back to 10-15 miles a week!  It will feel like a luxury.  As fall/winter sets in I hope I can work on my pace and get back to something faster! I definitely know on single track I get considerably slower than when I'm on the bridle trails and I have to work on my foot work to get faster.   I'm going to motivate myself by signing up for the Little River 10 miler (January 19).  I did it in January and it would be nice to repeat it to see where I stand- hopefully doing as well or better!

In the afternoon I did a short bike ride with John at Umstead, mainly to remind my legs that biking is still important. We couldn't do any single track since the ground was still a little wet so we just did the bridle trails.  Since my legs were still tired from the run, I decided that we would not be going up the 3 mega hills on Turkey Creek and instead went clockwise from Old Reedy Creek Rd to Graylyn to Turkey Creek. It is amazing how much easier it is to do this ride clockwise versus counterclockwise.  In the end we totaled 16 miles and both got in a decent bike ride.


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