Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday 10/21/12: a short run

This Sunday saw the return of Tushar and Hua-ying to our running group. I'm not sure how consistent either will be (Hua-ying is super fast and Tushar is sometimes too busy with travel/work) but it was nice seeing them again and running together. We met up at Schenck forest and ran the Richland Creek Trail to Reedy Creek rd and to where it meets up with Loblolly in Umstead. Then the four of us (Jim, Barbara, Lisa and I) turned back to head for the car since we were getting our ~4 miles while Hua-Ying and Tushar went ahead to get some extra mileage. I averaged a 12 min/mile pace and felt pretty good. My left heel hurt a lot when I landed hard on it (several times), so I concentrated on running on the balls of my feet and just lightly touching my heel to the ground before bringing it back up, it was not such an easy thing to do since sometimes I would get it right and other times, still hit it too hard or not touch the ground at all (bad for your Achilles tendon).  Overall, a good first run since our marathon. We had actually talked about skipping this Sunday but I'm glad we didn't, now that I've run once, I think I will have the momentum to keep going. The days are getting darker quicker now so I need to look for my headlamp and learn to run at night. 


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