Sunday, October 7, 2012

Saturday was all about mountain biking!

We had grand plans to bike at San Lee, eat lunch and then bike at Governors Creek.  However, once we got to San Lee, the gate was closed and a guy was standing there asking everyone if they were with 3M because 3M apparently had reserved the entire park and no one else was allowed that day! So no San Lee for biking. We headed out for Governors Creek.  I wish I had photos or video but my phone was out of memory and I didn't bring my camera. The ride was great though! It was perfect 75 degree weather and only a few other bikers were out there so we had the trails to ourselves.  I did a new logstack I was afraid to try before and one of the rock garden features.  It was pretty great. One loop was about 6.3 miles and then we went back in and did the trail in the reverse direction. The first time took 57 minutes, in reverse it took me 69 minutes (I was "done" with 2 miles left).  And I had no snacks during the ride, just water and I survived!  I'm hoping to keep riding Governors Creek on a weekly basis so I will be ready for the January marathon mountain bike race.  Overall, a great ride and a perfect Saturday.


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