Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10/23/12 Tuesday WOD: Back Squats and more

I made it to the gym Tuesday morning and the assignment:
1 rep max on the back squat
First I did 5 reps of 45 lbs to warm up, then 3x75 lbs which felt pretty easy so I went up to 95 lbs and that also felt easy. I then did 105 lbs for 2 reps and then 115 lbs pretty well but with effort and I could feel my lower back working hard.  I gave 125 lbs a shot but I just wasn't confident in going below parallel in my squat so I ended there.  I looked at my old posts and I have done 125 lbs 1 rep max last year but I am not there yet.  Still, 115 lbs post-7 months a herniated disc is progress! 
Then we did a short WOD:
10 bent over rows 45 lbs
10 military press 45 lbs
10 good mornings 45 lbs
4 rounds
time: 6:06
I took a relatively long time to finish this! The strict press was okay for the first 2 rounds, I struggled in the 3rd round but still managed 10 strict presses and in the 4th round, I cheated a little and the last 3 reps I popped my legs to get the weight up (somewhere between a push press and a strict press).  Still it felt awesome to be able to do 37 reps at 45 lbs for a strict press! I definitely need to work on heavier weights now for this movement. 


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