Friday, September 14, 2012

Wednesday WOD

Despite being sore, I went to the Wednesday morning class and found myself with 10 other people there!  Biggest class ever.  It was a tough but good workout:
4 burpees at the start of every minute
15 thrusters (55 lbs then 45 lbs because it got too heavy!)
15 toes to bars
15 medicine ball cleans (14 lbs)
15 kettlebell swings (30 lbs)
15 overhead squats (45 lbs)
2 rounds
Time: 14:05
This was a bit harder than I expected. I got the 15 thrusters done in under a minute but then had to break up the toes to bars to do burpees.  The only exercise I finished in under a minute both rounds were the kettlebell swings.  And my legs were sore afterwards!


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