Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Longest Run

I didn't do anything on Friday and Saturday because I had a cold (feeling tired, sore throat) so I backed off on the cardio. I did however, try bench pressing again Saturday night and got 95 lbs and 100 lbs with a pinky assist.  I can't wait to break the 100 lb mark!  You get many congratulations when you finally do break the 100 lb mark, and it feels good. I still remember when I was able to front squat 100 lbs and the words of encouragement I got from my fellow gym-mates.  I was beaming! 
But Sunday rolled along and it was time to do the last long run- 24 miles prescribed.  I met up with Jim, Lisa, Barabara and Barbara's two running buddies Kurt and Brian.  We didn't know exactly what path we were going to take but it was at Umstead and we planned to do our first foray into Schneck Forest.  The weather had cooled down and we got rained on and had a very wet run.  Nonetheless, it was nice to be on a new piece of single track and when we got back onto the bridle trails at Umstead, we had about 8 miles done. Jim was lagging behind because of his ankle hurting and I started to feel like my legs were done after 10-11 miles so I called him and decided to bail with him. The walk back to the car was LONG, but even the amount we walked counts toward our mileage! Of course Garmin miles and Strava miles differed by a mile- 13.7 versus 14.8 miles. I like the extra mileage on Strava but who knows? We bailed on a 24 mile run and still got 13-14 miles done with 11 of those miles running.  My feet felt tender and sore.  I still had my 16 oz of chocolate milk and then had a lunch of leftovers (grilled chicken, cheese bread and 1/4 of a steak & cheese calzone).  Post-lunch, I got my eyes examined because I needed new contacts and the ophthalmologist told me I had some eye allergies (there was redness/orange veiny-ness.  I had though my contacts were just getting old but maybe I do have some allergy to something, anyway she recommended a spray antihistamine which I will try out. 
I got home and watched too many episodes of Wilfred (too funny) and then fell asleep. I woke around 4:50 and decided that I needed to go out and run again otherwise I would regret not getting in 24 miles today. So I laced up again, got the Garmin on and Strava on and headed out with my Nathan's pack still full of watered down Gatorade.  I took the greenway and decided to try a loop that would take me on Old Reedy Creek rd (bridle trail in Umstead) then Reedy creek Lake trail and back on Harrison avenue to get home.  I got about 10 miles (Strava changed it's mind, first it said I did 10.2 but then when I hit "finish run", it said I only did 9.8 miles so we are going to round to 10 miles!).  My Garmin missed the first two miles but had accumulated 22 miles so I think it's safe to say I got 24 miles in today. It took two separate runs but I did it!

Morning Run Route


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