Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunday long run that felt short

Based on my training program, this week's long run was to be only half of the mileage from last week's long run (20 miles).  So Lisa, Jim, and I planned to do 10 miles while Barbara wanted to do a little more (I think she did 12).  We did a slightly different loop at Umstead: Loblolly to Turkey Creek to Graylyn to Old Reedy Creek to Reedy Creek Lake Trail back to the parking lot.  I had a hard time getting started, and am not sure if I am just too slow on the singletrack or I need more time to warm up. Once on the bridle trails, I forced myself to pick up the pace and attacked every hill.  Of course, my attacking every hill is still like a > 12 min/mile pace!  I ended up doing 10.8 miles in 2 hrs and 8 minutes (11:48 min/mile pace average).  It was weird doing a 10 mile run and thinking "wow, what a short run!".  Training for a marathon is hard, much harder than I expected.  Part of it is getting the commitment to run more, to run enough miles in the week so the long run feels easier.  I used to think that two runs during the week would prepare me for a "long run" on the weekend but it hasn't been enough!  So I'm working on adding more mileage during the week and making it mindful mileage.  So a few very, very easy runs and two "hard runs" that consist of speed intervals or hill repeats. 


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