Monday, September 10, 2012

Saturday run/bike/kayak!!!

I did a lot on Saturday and all of it at Harris Lake County Park.  We had a meetup for a run/bike/kayak.  The run was first and we ran the Pennisula Trail (four of us).  I had a terrible time the first two miles, I needed to pee and the trail was not the most private. I finally gave in and found a large tree to hide behind. After that, I felt better and continued to run (albeit slowly) when around mile 3, I heard a large insect buzzing around me. I was terrified that it was a yellow jacket or a bee that wanted to sting me so I just bolted.  I never ran so hard before! And that damn bee kept chasing me!  I never got stung but boy did that give me the adrenalin I needed to make it a tempo run :) I ended up running 5.3 miles total and then changed for the bike portion.

There was four fast bikers, me and one older guy who had never been on these trails before. I stuck with the older guy so he wouldn't get lost or hurt (he ended up crashing twice which was unfortunate but something that happens to every newbie!).  We biked 7.5 miles, unsure of the time.  Then it was lunchtime! Picnic lunch at the park, perfect weather, and perfect company.

The last leg of our time at Harris Lake was on the lake kayaking.  It's surprising how much you can kayak and still not feel like you didn't go very far. We were out there for over 3 hours and it was a great way to wind down the activities. 


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