Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday: mountain biking at San Lee

Today and yesterday were "rest days" for running but I still signed up for a mountain bike ride at San Lee Park. I was the only girl and pretty much rode by myself since there were some competitive (and fast) guys who were going at speeds of 8-10 mph. If you ever are lucky enough to go to San Lee Park in Sanford, NC, you'll understand that it is a challenge to go that fast on this rocky, technically difficult trail of 10 miles (plus a mile back and forth from the parking lot).  I still had fun, I cleaned all the switchbacks except for one steep uphill one and tried two areas that I normally walk or take a bypass on (the Gauntlet and the Rock Nest Monster).  The Gauntlet is filled with baby-head size rocks that you maneuver on or through without breaking a derailleur and the Rock Nest Monster (picture below) is a nice piece of single track made up of rocks.  I managed to clear 50% or more of  both, then I dabbed (put my foot down) and started up again.  This is a great trail for intermediate to advanced bikers.  There are not many steep uphills, it's very much about finesse and control.  I did about 8 miles total in 1 hr 45 minutes.  And it started to rain in the last half mile! 


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