Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday easy run

Baby copper head on the Black Creek Greenway
I did not do a Crossfit WOD this morning so I had plenty of time to do a run. I got home early (because I went to work early) and thought I'd be able to do a leisurely paced 10 miles. My motivation was low and I wasted time at home not doing much. I finally looked at the clock and decided that I would change and at least try to run 4 miles.  I set up my phone to Strava and put on my Garmin watch and got out the Nathan's pack full of water.  The Garmin kept searching for the gps, it searched for the freaking gps for 90% of my actual run!!!! That was aggravating. I don't understand how my phone can have a gps signal so easily and my Garmin took over 60 minutes to find a satellite.  I ran from my house to the greenway, made a left on the Black Creek Greenway until it hit the street and turned back. On the way back, a runner going in the opposite direction warned me that there was a snake up ahead. I forgot to mention this but last week, on the same greenway, another runner warned me that there was a copperhead up ahead. I ran gingerly and kept my eyes peeled but never saw the snake last week. This week, it was a different story. I saw the snake, I walked by it giving it over two feet of clearance and then I thought, why not take a picture or two? It was a little baby copperhead, it didn't move the entire time I was there (a minute or less).  I'm glad I saw it in time, I"m glad I didn't step on it or annoy it, I hope I never annoy one. I ran the whole length of the greenway from where it meets East Dynasty to Old Reedy Creek Road (~ 5 miles) plus the out and back from my house gave me a total of 7 miles.  It took me 1 hour and 42 minutes at a 14:37 min/mile pace! My legs felt a little heavy and I don't think I had it in me to run any faster since I did 10 miles yesterday.  But I am glad I got out there and did this easy run.


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