Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday WOD

I have had a lingering cold for the last week and it's gone from being something I could ignore to making sure I have massive amounts of Kleenex for my nose.  This means that I've been bailing on exercise.  I bailed yesterday when I needed to get a run in but my body was just too tired.  I felt better this morning so I went to Forged Fitness and did the WOD with Karen. No one else showed up, I think everyone was afraid of a workout the day before the Fight Gone Bad charity event.  But I checked the WOD before leaving home and saw that it was only running and burpees so I knew Jason was thinking of us and making sure we would not be worn out before Fight Gone Bad and we would still get a decent high-intenstiy workout in. 

the WOD:
800M run
25 burpees
800M run
20 burpees
800M run
15 burpees
Time: 16:30
The first set of burpees squeezed all the energy out of me and it took some coaxing to get my legs to go faster during the second lap.  All in all, a pretty good workout that left me feeling energetic and I'm pretty sure I won't be sore tomorrow from it during Fight Gone Bad.
What is Fight Gone Bad? It is one of the benchmark Crossfit workouts, I will definitely be posting pictures/video of the event and am raising money for NC Autism Society.  The raising money part has not been much of an effort as I only got organized this week to ask people but I did get a few donations in and am happy to be able to raise any money at all since my scores in Fight Gone Bad are nothing to brag about!

I took today off so I will also be doing a little mountain biking today!


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