The weekend wore me out:
On Saturday, we did a meetup where we ran the 6 mile loop of the Lake trail at Lake Crabtree park and then 6 miles of mountain biking at the park.  I felt pretty good but as the day wore on, I got progressively tired.  It's tough to run and then bike!  The 6 mile run took me a good 70 minutes to complete and I didn't track the bike time but it was with the "slower" group. The fast group was so fast, we lost sight of them.  In any case, I still had a good time. Crabtree trails are not very challenging but coming off a run, it felt like I was making a 286 effort (a harder trail).

On Sunday, I woke up very early to get a very early run in. Lisa, Jim, and Barbara and I got on the trails at Umstead Park by 6:20 AM! The sun was just rising at that time and we were the first people in the park (technically, we had to park outside the gate because they don't "open" the park until 8 AM).  I still can't do as much mileage as them (which is sad since even though they did 2 miles more than me, they beat me by 10 minutes!).  I ended up doing all of Company Mill and Sycamore and since we started from outside the gate, I got 13 miles in!  I was tired but not completely exhausted.  The weird thing is that when I was done working out by 9:30 AM, it felt like I should have gone out again since I had the whole day in front of me.  My laziness got the better of me though and I ended up just going to Red Robin for a burger and fries and then I bought a balance board at Dick's Sporting Goods to work on my stability and leg strengthening.  I also spent a good chunk of time lifting boxes out of the garage in search of pots and pans to cook with.

On Monday, I only did ~1.2 miles on the treadmill at the Human Performance Lab testing out earbuds.  $20 for 1.2 miles. I took it very easy, and my legs felt pretty good. Tomorrow I'll be back in the gym for a Crossfit workout.


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