Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wednesday WOD

Yesterday was a pretty good WOD:
5 power cleans 155/105 (I did 75 lbs)
10 Dips (band-assisted)
15 Box Jumps (used the big tire)
6 Rounds

The power cleans were actually pretty easy at 75 lbs once I figured out how to do the clean properly, it seems like I have to re-learn the clean move every time it comes up in a WOD but once I do, it looks pretty nice and feels good.  I have to get in the mindset of getting under the bar instead of trying to pull it up to my chest when I bend my arms to receive it.  Anyway, I was happy I did 75 lbs for the power cleans, back to my old standard!  And I actually did jump on the tire instead of doing step-ups with no back issues.  


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